Oklahoma is derived from the Choctaw Indian words "okla" meaning people and "humma" meaning red. Oklahoma is my home. Tinctoria is Latin, meaning to dye or color things; this is my work.

06 August 2010

The Power of Neutral

Mushroom, 2010.

The power of Neutrals lies in their ability to support color. Without Neutrals we would quickly tire of bright colors. Texture gives Neutrals visual interest. 

Cedar Shingles, 2010.

Circle Rock, Nikiski, Alaska, 2009.

The element for Neutrals is Earth. Neutrals also provide protection such as camouflage or the “safe” color to paint your house. But, a backdrop of Neutrals can dramatically shift the intensity of the other hues in the environment. Then the combinations have potential to be interesting and exciting. 

New Mexico Winter, 2009.

Energyscape #2362,
Cook Inlet, Alaska, 2009.

Neutrals are more often associated with sadness, dreariness, or gloom. They have the power to represent uncertainty like the “gray areas” when we are not clear about what action to take next. Institutional gray holds negative Neutral power and there are many other examples of Neutrals being used to dull one’s environment. They literally suck the life out of more vibrant settings. 

The Aristocrat, Arkansas, 2009.

Yet Neutrals also have the power to bring something to life, giving it context and structure. With the infinite values of brown, gray, white, and black, there are many possibilities for creating an expressive platform of palettes.

Garden Snake, 2010.

Raccoon tracks in sand, Buffalo River, 2010.

descriptive words:
bone, ivory, buff, mushroom, chestnut,  stone, wicker, taupe, khaki, drab, sandstone, soft, classic, creamy, eggshell, beige, earthy, sandy, woodsy, basic, mute.

Whale Bone detail, 2009.

Chicken Coop Door, 2009.

wood,  stoneware, driftwood, fossils, rocks, wool, paper, cashmere, straw, biscuits, nutmeg, spices, seeds, barks, dried leaves, baked bread, grasses, concrete, shells, bones, sponges, oatmeal, grains, garlic, onions, mushrooms.

Homegrown Garlic, 2009.

Homegrown Shiitake, 2009.

restful, dormant, uncomplicated, quiet, rustic or refined, thick, heavy, light, airy, wisdom, soft, classic, durable, enduring quality, mature, practical, warmth or coolness,  stormy, noncommittal, timelessness.

Door with White Trim,
New Mexico, 2009.


  1. neutrals are my best friends!

  2. i have been enjoying your online presence for sometime, just had to surface for the neutrals. beautifully done.

  3. Love the chicken coop door and the mushrooms!

    I've been giving the power of neutrals a lot of thought over the past few days whilst trying to decide on the colours of a beaded panel in one of my carvings. There's a shortage of white seed beads in the country at the moment but I'm scrounging and hoping to stay with the white shades. This post hits the spot...thank you!