Oklahoma is derived from the Choctaw Indian words "okla" meaning people and "humma" meaning red. Oklahoma is my home. Tinctoria is Latin, meaning to dye or color things; this is my work.

20 January 2010

Good Day Sunshine

Beech leaves, 2009

Although its Element is Earth, Yellow is our star, our sunshine. It is the brightest and the most cheerful of the three primary colors. It can be melancholy, but rarely sad. The triangle represents the color Yellow and its Thought provoking qualities. It stimulates but in another kind of way than RedYellows are derived from countless local plant resources, making it quite abundant in various regions. This wonderous color can be found in ochres and sienna earths. Arsenic trisulfide and lead chromate are also Yellow but they are extremely toxic compounds. Yellow represents the solar plexus chakra, located above the naval, which works with nutrition, energy and the rational mind. 
We are able to observe this color from the earliest Spring blooms of daffodils, crocus and winter honeysuckles, into Summer marigolds, Rudbeckias, goldenrod and many vegetables, then closing out the year in a stunning display of eye candy as the Autumn leaves begin to change. Even when our days are gloomy, this vibrant color adds bits of joy, even in unsuspecting places, hence the sayings "light at the end of the tunnel", "see the light" and "good day sunshine" from the famous Beatles song. And oh, you can't forget butter!

Snakeweed and Indigo, 2009
Lalana Wools, Gathering Flowers of the Field Workshop

Irish Eyes Rudbeckia, 2008

Honey Hive, Ponca Avenue, 2009

descriptive words for yellow:
bright, glow, light, vibrant, fresh, vital, harvest, sunshine, harmony, well being, cadmium yellow, chrome yellow

Energyscape Series, I-40 Eastbound, 2009

Collected Color Series, Cotton Sateen, 2009

yellow inspirations:
daffodils, sunflowers, lemons, turmeric, sandy beaches, sunsets, corn, yellow squash, yellow bell peppers, bananas and banana peppers, egg yolks, dandelion, osage bark, fustic, mulberry innerwood, saffron, mustard, buttenut, beeswax, honey, yellow onions, ochres, deserts, lemon tart, taxi cabs, schools buses, bumblebees, yellow cake, electricity

Chalet Garden Daffodil, 2009

Rudbeckias on The High Line, New York City, 2009

Russian Orthadox Burial, Alaska, 2009

uplifting, happy, rising spirits, joy, positive, focus, hope, courage

Energyscape Series, Daffodil, 2009

Cornell Botanical Gardens, 2009

concentration, thought, wisdom, enlightenment, truth, knowledge, mourning, nourishment, imagination

natural color sources:
goldenrod, marigold, osage orange, fustic, pomegranate rinds, weld, cosmos, almost endless  local yellow botanical sources, ochre earth

Sunset on Lake Erie, 2009

New York City Construction Debris, 2009

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