Oklahoma is derived from the Choctaw Indian words "okla" meaning people and "humma" meaning red. Oklahoma is my home. Tinctoria is Latin, meaning to dye or color things; this is my work.

12 January 2010

Red Hot Baby!

Bonfire, 2008

RED has the longest wavelength on the prism. Its Element is Fire. RED is one of the three primary colors. Its shape is square which represents Matter. Its direction is East. The color is derived from iron oxides (earth), kermes (insects), alizarin (plants), vermilion (mercuric sulfide). Scarlet, crimson and carmine are classic words describing RED and they also hint to the source of the color. For example, carmine is used to indicate red from cochineal insects (family Coccidae). RED demands our attention and provokes sexual energy. It represents the Root Chakra at the base of the spine, physical energy and vitality. RED is both life threatening and life sustaining.

Red Sedona Earth, 2009

Zinnias, Ponca Garden, 2009

descriptive words for red:
brave, bold, daring, demanding, passionate, extrovert, exciting, energetic, sexy, aggresive, strong, vigorous, bordeaux, cabernet, mauve, turkey red

red inspirations:
textiles, spices, dirt, oxides, embers, sunsets, salmon, terra cotta, cedar, wine, hearth, volcanoes and lava, pomegranates, strawberries, apples, cherries, cranberries, tomatoes, chilis and berries, roses, red sage, red peonies and primroses, garnets, rubies, bloodstone, red quartz, agate

Dianthus and Bumble, 2009

provocative, energetic, active, warm, embarrassing, flushed, powerful, angry, stimulating

earth, blood, fire, love and passion, heart, evil, republican, vitality, appetite, warning, menstration, fertility and circulation, survival, safety

Amaryllis, Chalet Garden 2009

natural color sources:
madder, lac, cochineal, brazilwood, iron oxides, Thelesperma sp.

Red Lantern, Jerome, Arizona, 2009

Quick, give yourself a couple minutes....what do you think of RED?

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